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Since its launch in 1985, Schach-Niggemann has expanded steadily and evolved from a purely chess computer specialist to an all-round dealer focussing primarily on computer chess, in addition to Backgammon, Bridge and Go.

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In order to be able to present our comprehensive product assortment, totalling some 6,000 items in a clear and systematic manner, we have decided to relocate to new show and sales rooms. Following completion of our new premises in Heiden's industrial zone, we relocated our retail and mail-order ope­rations and administration on 27th March 1999, which now extend across two floors, totalling approximately 400 sq.m.

On the ground floor you will find chess computers, chess software, whilst on the upper floor we now present a range of chess literature and other merchandise, including chess materials (boards, chess sets, clocks, etc.).

Extending over an area of some 400 sq.m. (our firm's premises hold a vast store of chess materials and literature (with over 20,000 books, including 3000 different titles, taking up some 100 m. of shelf space!). As an authorised wholesaler and retailer for publishers such as Beyer, Everyman, Olms and leading manufacturers including ChessBase, Kasparov/Saitek, DGT, Mephisto, Millenium, Novag, RCR and TASC, we also offer the specialist dealers and consumers a broad range of products, with which we hope to fulfil every wish.

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You also have the opportunity of thoroughly testing the latest chess computers and programs to see if they are suitable for your specific purposes in our sales rooms, which are equipped with the most popular chess computers and the several PCs. Our highly trained personnel - including two Bundesliga players and a former youth trainer - will gladly advise you and explain how to operate the various hardware devices.

Naturally, our service does not only apply before your purchase, and our after-sales team will also gladly assist you with any technical problems; In our fully equipped workshop we service products manufactured by brand leaders such as Mephisto, Novag, Fidelity and Kasparov/Saitek computers.

Clocks in all variations - from mechanic up to High-Tech electronic chess-clocks

Take all the time you need to test our chess-, backgammon- or bridge-computers

Not only normal tournament pieces but also rare chess-sets for the collector

Our very big selection of books in german or english language

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