Alex Yermolinsky

Grandmaster Yermolinsky is one of the strongest players in the United States. He was US Champion in 1996, and won the US Open Championship in 1995 and 1997. He has represented the USA in four Olympiads, and played board two for the team that won the World Team Championship in 1993. His credentials as a teacher are no less impressive. He assisted Irina Levitina in her bid for the Women's World Championship in 1982-84, while his former pupils include top-class grandmasters such as Alexander Khalifman and Vladimir Epishin. After his arrival in the United States in 1989, he has continued coaching, with one of his pupils, Boris Kreiman, winning the US Junior Championship in 1993. He also teaches chess via his online 'Yermo Chess Academy'. Through his magazine articles, he has earned a reputation as an excellent writer. 'The Road to Chess Improvement' is his first book.

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Art.-Nr.: LXYERTRTCI, ISBN-10 1901983242, ISBN-13 9781901983241
Alex Yermolinsky

The Road to Chess Improvement

English, 224 pages, paperback, 2000.
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Alex Yermolinsky - The Road to Chess Improvement
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