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Atlas / Kasparov
Pfeiltable top, plastic

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Der Atlas besitzt das gleiche Programm wie der kleinere und noch günstigere Aria. Die Ausstattung erschöpft sich in der Zugzurücknahme von 2 Halbzügen, der Eingabe über Drucksensoren und ein Positionsüberprüfung. Doch für ernsthaftes Spiel ist das 2K-Programm mit 800 Elopunkten auch einfach zu schwach.

A tabletop computer that provides a perfect introduction to the world of chess!

  • Highly responsive "soft touch" sensory chessboard makes play so easy - the computer recognizes all moves automatically! LCD display shows game moves and chess clock.
  • Features 384 different level setting combinations, to keep you challenged and entertained while you learn about the game. As you beat each level, go on to the next!
  • Knows all the rules of chess, and monitors your moves to make sure they're legal, too!
  • Whenever you're not sure of your current board position, the computer will verify the pieces for you!
  • Incorporates 5 Teach Modes to help beginners master the tactics of the pieces, one by one.
  • Sorry you made that last move? Don't worry - you can take it back and try another!
  • Think the computer is taking too long to move? Interrupt its search at any time!
  • Special playing mode lets you enter any number of moves manually or use the computer's board to play chess against a friend.
  • Energy efficient - get up to 600 hours of play from one set of fresh alkaline batteries!
  • Saves your unfinished game in memory for up to 2 years - pick up where you left off at any time.

Article number:
size: 23.9 x 23.9 x 2.2 cm
king’s height: 4.8 cm
board-square:20 cm
field-square:2.5 cm
material: plastic
power supply
batteries 3 x Mignon
playing strength
ELO Manufacturer: 800
making a move:
touch sensory board
playing levels:
take-back (ply)
2 half moves
long term memory
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