Selecting Items

To avoid having to browse through our entire range of products, you can use the selection box to select all items meeting a set of user-defined criteria. All selections can be linked with an "and". This means, for example, that if you choose Yusupov as the author and German as the language, you will obtain a list of all German language books by Artur Yusupov. By way of example, if you select Yusupov as the author and Backgammon as the category, you will not be shown any "matches" until Yusupov finally decides to write a book on backgammon. Clicking on the "reset"-button deletes all the selections you have made. To delete just one item, select the top field in the relevant box.
Use the zoom to obtain a detailed view of the images, catalogue texts, reviews and test reports.

Ordering Items

  • The goods can be placed in to the shopping cart by clicking on . The symbol then changes to . By clicking it on again you can remove any goods from the cart.

  • Activate the menu item shopping cart to obtain a list of all the goods in your basket. Here you can also enter the number of each item you require. Should you wish to change your order, you can have the new total price displayed by clicking on the "Re-calculate" button. Set the number to "0" to remove all goods from the shopping-cart.

  • Under the menu option Checkout you can enter all the required data and then send it off. If you have filled in all fields correctly (?), a pro-forma invoice appears to enable you to verify your details again. If everything is correct, click on the "Confirm Order" button. Until this button is activated you can make as many changes as you wish. As soon as you have clicked on this button, your order is send to us for processing.

  • Of course, you can still place your orders per e-mail, telephone or by post.